Saturday, February 02, 2008

Huron Consulting Group Launches V3locity a Fixed per Page Priced E-discovery Service

CHICAGO – January 30, 2008 – Huron Consulting Group (NASDAQ: HURN), a leading provider of financial and operational consulting services, today announced the launch of the Company’s litigation support initiative V3locity™, an unprecedented predictable fixed per page priced e-discovery service involving processing, hosting, review and production. V3locity (pronounced “velocity”) will save clients up to 60 percent in cost compared to similar e-discovery services.

“For law firms and general counsels, e-discovery has become a trying and inefficient process. They are facing costs that are spiraling out of control, dealing with multiple vendors and waiting months before seeing any results,” said Gary E. Holdren, chairman and chief executive officer, Huron Consulting Group. “Our new V3locity solution offers our clients a different approach based on cost savings, increased accuracy, and overall service delivered with high speed results. V3locity gives our clients a competitive advantage in litigation matters, investigations and second request/regulatory reviews.”

Electronic document discovery has become one of the single largest components of litigation, with the review portion accounting for up to 80 percent of the $3 billion a year e-discovery marketplace. Huron developed V3locity in response to market demand for cost efficiency and predictability, offering a pricing model based only on the number of pages actually subject to review with no separate hourly charges for processing, hosting or production. Huron’s V3locity model distinguishes itself from others with a combined services approach at significantly reduced cost with measurable results for clients.

“Huron's Legal Consulting business has experienced tremendous growth,” said Shahzad Bashir, vice president and practice leader for Huron Consulting Group’s Legal Consulting practice. “Huron’s growth has been largely fueled by our ability to act as the trusted business advisor to the Office of the General Counsel and their law firms. With V3locity, we are able to offer yet another market-driven, client centered solution which will revolutionize e-discovery services in large scale litigation or corporate document review situations.”

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