Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mimosa Systems Partners With Index Engines To Deliver Proactive eDiscovery Solutions For Enterprises

Mimosa Systems, a leading provider of live content archiving solutions and Index Engines, the leader in enterprise discovery solutions for off-line data recently announced a joint partnership to meet comprehensive organizational eDiscovery requirements for on-line and off-line data solutions. The partnership of Mimosa and Index Engines blends the best of on-line and off-line eDiscovery technologies to address the myriad business challenges posed by compliance regulations and changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures (FRCP).

“The December 2006 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure for Electronic Discovery ushered in the use of email archiving for legal document retention and preservation," said Vivian Tero, Senior Research Analyst, Compliance Infrastructure, IDC. "The eDiscovery rule changes eliminated the need of emails to pass the hearsay test; hence, more companies are deploying email archiving applications to manage critical email as business records and to address future discovery burdens, as opposed to just meeting mailbox management and storage optimization needs."

Courts are getting tougher on companies that fail to provide documents, especially email. One of the main problems stemming from compliance and electronic discovery mandates is companies’ failure to find documents and email because they’ve been deleted. However, the deletion of documents is often not a reasonable defense when a company is faced with a discovery request. Together Mimosa and Index Engines address the many challenges of eDiscovery by enabling organizations to implement a powerful, litigation-ready, eDiscovery solution to rapidly, discover and retrieve time-sensitive data stored in email and offline tape repositories. Mimosa NearPoint provides award-winning, proactive archiving of on-line data stored in Exchange. The solution gives enterprises a cost-effective and robust offering to perform searches, implement retention policies and provide data protection and business continuity. While NearPoint offers an ideal solution for dealing with active data, organizations are also faced with accessing years of messaging data stored in back-up tapes which are notoriously expensive and time consuming to restore and search.

Index Engines addresses a critical need for companies to perform discovery on data stored in an off-line format such as tape for eDiscovery. Index Engines’ patented technologies automate information access and retrieval by streamlining discovery and eliminating the need to restore offline tape content in order to retrieve actionable data. The company’s technology dramatically reduces the time and cost required to restore backup tapes in order to make information discoverable. Index Engines also supports common backup formats, so tapes acquired through a merger or acquisition can be scanned and indexed, even when the tape format is not still being actively used.

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