Monday, March 17, 2008

Gartner MarketScope for E-Discovery and Litigation Support Vendors, 2007

Gartner evaluated 29 vendors across a number of criteria such as: Market Understanding, Innovation, Market Responsiveness and Track Record, Offering (Product) Strategy, Business Model, Customer Experience, Marketing Strategy and then rated them based on their findings.

Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria
To be included in the final published report, a vendor must meet
the following criteria: Have an IT targeted tool or tools that enable the identification, preservation collection and initial processing of files requested by a legal or compliance officer to cover the steps of RM, identification, preservation, collection and processing of the electronic discovery reference model (EDRM).

Have software that enables legal personnel to review documents and process them more quickly, shows relationships between documents or persons mentioned in or originating documents – or any other functionality that can be shown to reduce attorney review time to cover in covering the processing, review, analysis,
production and presentation steps of the EDRM.

Realizes at least 25% of its revenues – or revenues from an ediscovery business unit from a software tool or service that performs identification, collection and preservation of files in various locations – OR an “attorney review platform” that allows enterprise end-users to upload and review documents.

In addition to the above criteria, it was necessary to assign a cutoff date for inclusion in this report.....

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