Friday, March 07, 2008

Stroz Friedberg Acquires Docuity, an Electronic Discovery Technology Company

NEW YORK, March 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Stroz Friedberg, a leading consulting and technical services firm announced today the acquisition of Docuity, a provider of advanced electronic discovery technology solutions.

"Combining Stroz Friedberg's prowess in digital forensics and electronic discovery consulting with Docuity's innovative technology will give our client's end-to-end e-discovery management with superior capabilities to index and search large volumes of unstructured data" stated Eric Friedberg, Stroz Friedberg's Co-President. "The result is better cost controls and an ability to ensure quality throughout the entire e-discovery process. We are particularly excited to share with our global clients the unique features of our new platform, including auto-indexing, sophisticated clustering and other user-friendly retrieval functions, and foreign language processing and translation capabilities," he added.

With the Docuity acquisition, Stroz Friedberg now has the capability to offer comprehensive e-discovery management, processing, load file creation and online hosting review using the most advanced document and knowledge management tools available. The firm's patent-pending technology uses artificial intelligence, optical character recognition, natural language, pattern recognition and rules-based processing to extract from scanned paper and electronic documents key information such as the printed date of the document, the actual author, the actual addressee, the entity from which the document was sent, and the persons, entities and actions referenced in the document; all critical data that formerly required expensive and time- consuming manual effort.

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