Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Trial Solutions Expands Litigation Support Ecosystem® with Formal Launch of Trial Support Services Practice

Houston, Texas -- May 20, 2008 –- Trial Solutions, a market leader in providing single source wholesale litigation support services to provide all of the technology, services and consulting required to support the entire litigation case lifecycle, today announced that it is expanding its Litigation Support Ecosystem® by launching a trial support services practice.

The Company announced that its expanded trial support practice will include trial consulting, litigation communications, state-of-the-art courtroom graphics and on-site trial technicians.

Trial Solution’s trial consulting will include research trials, jury profiling research, shadow juries, strategy development, witness preparation and presentation testing.

Trial Solution’s litigation communications offering will include case communications strategy, public relations, media content analysis and press exposure.

Trial Solution’s courtroom graphic practice will include visual strategy development, courtroom site survey and management, courtroom multimedia services, 3-D animation and technical support as may be appropriate and required.

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