Sunday, June 01, 2008

Technology Pathways Releases New E-Discovery Archival Tool for Electronically Stored Information

Coronado, CA (PRWEB) June 1, 2008 -- Technology Pathways, LLC announced today the release of e.s.i.DiscoverTM, a new electronic-discovery search appliance which helps companies locate and preserve responsive documents to comply with court ordered discovery requests. The e.s.i.Discover Search Appliance can index millions of documents contained on servers and workstations throughout an enterprise and allow rapid searching based on sophisticated searching techniques to identify the responsive documents such as word documents, spreadsheets or PDF's. Searches typically take only a few minutes and can be easily modified to hone in on the required documents quickly. Once identified, the e.s.i.Discover Search Appliance can collect and authenticate the documents using an MD-5 or SHA-1 hash signature. These documents can then be saved for export to other popular e-discovery work flow products for further processing and presentation.

"The e.s.i.Discover Search Appliance makes my job of helping clients locate and collect responsive documents for court ordered discovery much faster, easier and more reliable," said Neil Broom, president of Technical Resource Center, Inc. "This is the first really break-through product for e-discovery I have seen recently and I am excited about the immediate benefit of increased productivity it will provide."

The e.s.i.Discover Search appliance can be rapidly deployed into enterprise networks and configured to index all documents contained in a set of servers and workstations. Once indexed, searches may be conducted with minimal training by the in-house or external council to identify all documents responsive to court orders. The e.s.i.Discover Search Appliance is available now with pricing starting as low as $59,950.

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