Friday, August 08, 2008

IBM Unveils eDiscovery ECM Tool for Law Firms

IBM has announced the release of new enterprise content management (ECM) software specifically designed to meet the needs of clients dealing with complex legal discovery requirements. The company's eDiscovery solutions expand on IBM's ECM platform used to manage digitally stored documents, with an eye toward streamlining the discovery process and reducing costs.

According to IBM, the new software provides a variety of automated processes, including collecting, searching and classifying critical data across a variety of content sources, as well as the ability to track changes. The main component of the solution is IBM's eDiscovery Manager, which allows authorized individuals to search for, and retrieve, key documents.

"The explosion of electronic content presents challenges for organizations to retain and produce information efficiently and accurately when needed," said Ken Bisconti, vice president, product and strategy, IBM Enterprise Content Management, in a prepared statement. "Our eDiscovery offerings enable customers to have insight into knowing what information exists, where it is stored, how long it must be kept and how to locate it."

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