Monday, July 20, 2009

Encore Discovery Solutions Retires Long-Term Debt

Phoenix, AZ, July 15, 2009 - Encore Discovery Solutions, an industry leading knowledge-based provider of electronic discovery and related services, today announced that it has retired its long-term debt and, except for a revolving line of credit to finance accounts receivable, now operates 100% debt free.

With no long-term debt, Encore is better positioned than most electronic discovery service providers to fulfill long-term obligations to its clients. "Our clients can remain secure in the knowledge that Encore will be here to serve them," said Greg Mazares, Encore's CEO. "Our balance sheet is strong and our positive operating performance indicates that we will be an industry leader for a long time."

Encore has invested in reinventing itself from a paper-based imaging company to a knowledge-based provider of electronic discovery, web hosting and related services. Elimination of debt service requirements will allow the company to invest further in talented professionals and technology. "We have enjoyed much success since embarking on our strategic transition in 2006," added Mazares. "We will continue to deliver outstanding service and results by supporting our clients with great people, sophisticated tools and innovative solutions."

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