Saturday, February 20, 2010

Litigation Support Software Comparison Chart

The American Bar Association recently published a report on litigation support software and online document review tools.

Some of the software products compared are:
  • Case Logistix
  • Concordance and FYI
  • CT Summation iBlaze
  • ImageDepot
  • NextPoint
Below is a description of the report as found on the ABA website, which can be downloaded as a PDF by clicking the link below.

Litigation support software is designed to aid lawyers in the process of litigation, and generally includes databases for organizing, searching, and reviewing discovery material including deposition transcripts, produced documents, and correspondence. The comparison chart below includes information on features of several brands of litigation support software. As vendors may offer other packages, please check each vendor's website for additional details and contact information. The information in this chart originates from the vendors, is not a comprehensive review of litigation support software, and does not constitute endorsements of any kind.

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