Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DOAR Litigation Consulting Acquires Inference Data

NEW YORK, April 26 /PRNewswire/ -- DOAR Litigation Consulting ("DOAR") and Inference Data today announced that the companies have reached a definitive agreement under which DOAR will acquire Inference Data, a leader in analytics and electronic discovery software.

Inference Data, based in New York, NY, is a strategic addition to DOAR's already extensive discovery management practice. Inference Data provides next-generation software for analytics-driven assessment, meet-and-confer preparation, and accelerated legal review. The company's key product, Inference, applies conceptual search and analysis to prioritize document collections and to identify key documents for faster and more cost-effective document review. It has been used by DOAR and other clients in some of the largest, most complex civil and criminal litigation matters.

The acquisition will extend DOAR's portfolio of analytics and electronic discovery offerings for its corporate and law firm clients. DOAR will continue to build upon Inference Data's electronic discovery platform by enhancing its analytics-driven assessment and review technology, which is specifically designed to streamline document review and reduce the costs associated with the management, review and production of electronic discovery. The addition of Inference to DOAR's discovery management and expert witness practice reinforces DOAR's emphasis on reducing the time and cost associated with the manual review of documents through the use of legally acceptable, defensible methodologies and advanced technologies.

Paul Neale, DOAR's President & CEO, states, "The acquisition of Inference allows us to expand its market presence as an analytical review platform while incorporating its proprietary technology into DOAR's automated document review methodology. Automated document review, technology-driven review and production of electronically stored information, is clearly the future of the electronic discovery market and we intend to remain a leader in this arena."

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The 451 Group Releases E-Discovery and E-Disclosure Report

According to the "3rd Annual eDiscovery Survey of Illinois Lawyers," an end user survey of 185 legal professionals conducted to understand their level of exposure and experience with electronic discovery vendors and products included mentions of companies such as Applied Discovery, Kroll Ontrack, FTI Consulting and Huron Consulting.

Four of the key findings noted in the Executive Overview are:
  • Corporate e-discovery in-sourcing continues as customers adopt software and services over reliance on law firms or wholly outsourcing the process.
  • Many companies still lack repeatable business processes for litigation, and rely on existing internal resources for meeting e-discovery requirements on an ad hoc basis – but half of the users in our survey intend to buy e-discovery products/services in 2010.
  • Judicial guidelines and international regulations defining e-discovery protocols are still emerging, lagging actual e-discovery practices.
  • Information governance systems and e-discovery-enabled archives have gained traction for proactive litigation preparedness as enterprises struggle with data growth and fragmented information management.

The Bottom Line noted in the Executive Summary is:

  • Despite a flat, recessionary 2009 for many e-discovery vendors, there is significant opportunity in the market at the right price and functionality, especially for tools with a broader information governance use case – most businesses still lag in adoption and have not committed to a vendor or product strategy.

The report can be found on The 451 Group website.

Friday, April 02, 2010

DMC and Global EDD Group Form Joint Venture - Asia Legal Technologies

Cleveland, Ohio, USA - (31 March 2010) – Global Electronic Discovery & Disclosure Group (“Global EDD Group”), a boutique consulting firm that provides innovative legal technology solutions across the globe, today announced the formation of Asia Legal Technologies™ (“ALT”), a strategic alliance and joint venture with Data Management Corporation (“DMC”), a document and data processing solutions company based in Singapore. ALT combines the experience, knowledge and resources of DMC and Global EDD Group to provide innovative arbitration, due diligence and litigation support services throughout the Asia-Pacific Region.

Asia Legal Technologies is uniquely able to meet the needs of the most challenging projects by leveraging a vast network of technology and operational resources along with facilities in Hong Kong, China (Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou), Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo and Dubai. From these facilities and on-site locations throughout the region, ALT provides a wide range of services including:

• Data Collection & Preservation,
• Imaging & Coding,
• Early Case Assessment (ECA),
• Data Filtering, Analytics & Processing,
• Asian Language Support & Translation, and
• Document Hosting & Review.